Master Angler Awards

Released Badge

Released Badge

The Released badge is presented to anglers who catch and release their first trophy fish of qualifying size, in any one of the 30 eligible species.

Bronze Medalist

Bronze Badge

Awarded only once, the Bronze badge is presented to anglers who catch their first trophy fish of qualifying size, in any one of the 30 eligible species.

Silver Medalist

Silver Badge (The Expert)

This badge honours the skill and scope it takes to catch one qualifying fish from five different species. The combination you choose to become an "Expert" is up to you.

Gold Medalist

Gold Badge (The Grand Master)

The right to wear gold is achieved by those who catch a qualifying fish from ten different species. A once-in-a-lifetime award, the Grand Master gold badge salutes the dedication, versatility and level of accomplishment of those who pursue this title.

Platinum Medalist

Platinum Badge (Elite Angler)

The honour to wear Platinum is achieved by those anglers who catch one qualifying fish from fifteen different species of fish. A once-in-a-lifetime award, the Elite Angler platinum badge acknowledges the determination, perseverance and level of accomplishment of those anglers who have reached this prestigious level.

Diamond Medalist

Diamond Badge (Ultimate Angler)

This 'extreme' level of achievement and the right to wear "Diamond" is reserved for those anglers who register one qualifying fish in twenty different species. A once-in-a liftime award, the Diamond level is the most rewarding and esteemed level of accomplishment.

Specialist Badges

Catch five qualifying fish of any one species to recieve their award.

  • Arctic Char Specialist
    Arctic Char
  •  .png
    Arctic Grayling
  • Black Crappie Specialist
    Black Crappie
  • Brook Trout Specialist
    Brook Trout
  • Brown Trout Specialist
    Brown Trout
  • Bullhead Specialist
  • Burbot Specialist
  • Carp Specialist
  • Channel Catfish Specialist
    Channel Catfish
  • Freshwater Drum Specialist
    Freshwater Drum
  • Goldeye Specialist
  • Lake Trout Specialist
    Lake Trout
  • Largemouth Bass Specialist
    Largemouth Bass
  • Mooneye Specialist
  • Muskellunge Specialist
  • Northern Pike Specialist
    Northern Pike
  • Perch Specialist
  • Rainbow Trout Specialist
    Rainbow Trout
  • Rock Bass Specialist
    Rock Bass
  • Sauger Specialist
  • Smallmouth Bass Specialist
    Smallmouth Bass
  • Splake Specialist
  • Sturgeon Specialist
  • Sucker Specialist
  • Sunfish Specialist
  • Tiger Trout Specialist
    Tiger Trout Specialist
  • Tullibee Specialist
  • Walleye Specialist
  • White Bass Specialist
    White Bass
  • Whitefish Specialist
* Badges may not be exactly as shown