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Welcome! Manitoba’s Master Angler program – The oldest master angler program in North America – honours anglers who catch trophy fish in our province with certificates of achievement and a variety of eligible badges. Manitoba master anglers also earn a permanent place in our record books. Learn more about the program.

About The Program

Aaron Wiebe explains how to qualify for the Master Angler Program

Submit a Catch

Did you catch a trophy fish? Rules and Regulations

You could qualify for a Master Angler Award! Tell us what you caught and how long it was. Then click on the Check Length button to find out.

1. What did you catch?

2. How long was your fish?

Congratulations, your fish qualifies!

What you'll need to complete your submission:

  • Fish Species
  • Length
  • A photo of your fish next to a measuring tape or object of known size.
  • The date your fish was caught
  • The body of water in which it was caught
  • Your name and mailing address

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The Badges

Joining the Masters may not be as easy as it looks, but if you catch a trophy fish while in Manitoba, you'll certainly get the recognition you deserve...

  • Bronze MedalBronze
    For an angler's first qualifying trophy fish in any of the 30 eligible species
  • Bronze MedalSilver
    Catch one qualifying fish in five different eligible species.
  • Bronze MedalGold
    Catch one qualifying fish in ten different eligible species.
  • Bronze MedalPlatinum
    Catch one qualifying fish in fifteen different eligible species.
  • Bronze MedalDiamond
    Reserved for those who register one qualifying fish in twenty different species.
  • Bronze MedalThe Specialist
    Catch five qualifying of one species. There are 30 Specialist badges to be had.
Nice Lake

Latest Catches

Ryan Yaskiw
58.42 cm / 23.00 inch Brown Trout in Patterson Lake on 5 MAY 2018
Trevor Tooley
50.80 cm / 20.00 inch Rainbow Trout in Barbe Lake on 5 MAY 2018
Dawn Isakson
55.88 cm / 22.00 inch Rainbow Trout in Patterson Lake on 5 MAY 2018
Jaimin Patel
50.80 cm / 20.00 inch Brook Trout in Barbe Lake on 29 APR 2018
Bob Kroeker
52.07 cm / 20.50 inch Tiger Trout in Twin Lakes on 28 APR 2018
Li'l Angler fishing on a dock

Li'l Anglers - Get the kids out fishing

Budding anglers will delight in Manitoba's Li'l Anglers program for kids. Geared toward children 12 years of age and younger, the program encourages novice anglers to get hooked on fishing and gain a little recognition. It's easy and fun!

When little anglers catch their first fish, they or their parents send an application form and photo to the program. Travel Manitoba will send the Li'l Angler an embroidered crest and a certificate of achievement.

Apply Online
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