Rules and Regulations

Submission Rules

  1. Registered fish must be caught in Manitoba in accordance with provincial angling regulations.
  2. Anglers must use a hook and line to make the catch.
  3. Photo Requirements:
    1. All submissions must have a horizontal measurement photo of the entire length of the fish against a ruler, measuring tape or bump board to qualify for a Master Angler Award, as illustrated below. An action photo is optional, but highly encouraged.

    2. We will not accept catches with images showing vertical gill, eye, weigh scale or fish stringer holds.
    3. We will not accept catches with pictures of frozen fish declared as released.
    4. We will not accept photos that are thumbnails or a screen capture from a mobile device or desktop computer.
    5. Photos with blood in them will not be posted on the Master Angler website.
    6. Please note that all pictures provided will become the property of Travel Manitoba and may be used for publishing on the web site or in promotional materials.
  4. Qualifying fish must be submitted digitally through the Master Angler Awards website or mobile app. No changes in the length stated on the application form will be accepted.
  5. Travel Manitoba will be the sole and final judge as to the acceptance of the entries, and reserves the right to request additional information and requirements as may be deemed necessary in the best interest of the program
  6. Submissions need to be made within one year of the catch to be eligible for an award.
  7. Only one bronze, silver, or gold badge and release crest will be awarded to any one angler, but certificates will be presented for all qualifying fish. Different specialist badges will be awarded for each species (one per species).

For more information contact the Manitoba Master Angler Program at 1-800-665-0040, 1-204-927-7847, or email us at

Length Requirements

Species Minimum Length
Arctic Char51 cm (20 in)
Arctic Grayling46 cm (18 in)
Black Crappie30.5 cm (12 in)
Brook Trout51 cm (20 in)
Brown Trout51 cm (20 in)
Bullhead30.5 cm (12 in)
Burbot76 cm (30 in)
Channel Catfish86.5 cm (34 in)
Cisco (Tullibee)40.5 cm (16 in)
Common Carp76 cm (30 in)
Freshwater Drum61 cm (24 in)
Goldeye35.5 cm (14 in)
Lake Sturgeon109 cm (43 in)
Lake Trout89 cm (35 in)
Lake Whitefish56 cm (22 in)
Largemouth Bass46 cm (18 in)
Mooneye35.5 cm (14 in)
Muskellunge79 cm (31 in)
Northern Pike104 cm (41 in)
Rainbow Trout51 cm (20 in)
Rock Bass25.5 cm (10 in)
Sauger46 cm (18 in)
Smallmouth Bass46 cm (18 in)
Splake51 cm (20 in)
Sucker46 cm (18 in)
Sunfish18 cm (7 in)
Tiger Trout51 cm (20 in)
Walleye71 cm (28 in)
White Bass38 cm (15 in)
Yellow Perch33 cm (13 in)